Other Services

Other Services
Virtual call centre: route incoming calls to available contact centre agents regardless of their location. Enable them to access the same features whether they are working from home or in the office. This means you can benefit from extended opening hours, reduced labour costs and increased productivity with a flexible, scalable call centre. A virtual call centre also helps your agents respond quickly and effectively to customers, wherever they are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
IVR and prompts: improve your service during peak times with IVR and prompts. These pre-recorded voice prompts and menus allow you to present information and options to callers or direct them on how to complete a transaction. This helps customers ‘self-serve’ or reach the most appropriate agent able to handle their particular query, based on their choices. This can significantly reduce your call queues on more simple queries, allowing agents to focus on more complex customer calls.
Voice to email: take advantage of the unified communications revolution by unifying email and voicemail. This means all emails and inbound voicemails can come in to an agent via one channel – their inbox. This helps agents respond to all customer queries faster, regardless of the communication channel, as they only have one place to check. You can also email voicemail messages as attachments, helping resolve customer complaints and ensure the right query reaches the most appropriate agent faster.
Hosted solutions: take advantage of the flexibility and low cost of hosted solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. A fully supported pre-integrated system with a pay-as-you go and grow approach that requires no investments in hardware or software. Less hardware translates not only in less capital expenditure, but also reduced power, cooling and space requirements. What’s more, they enable you to handle your calls with increased levels of reporting, control and visibility, allowing you to make better informed decisions, increase call efficiency and agent productivity.
Call recording: record your calls to provide front-line agents with greater confidence and support. Call recording helps you resolve complaints, monitor and enhance customer service, and identify new business opportunities. What’s more it can also be used during training sessions to significantly improve agent call handling skills and ensures regulatory compliance in your business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Consultancy and advice: detect pain points in your call centre and generate a plan to overcome them with our highly experienced consulting team. We have a team of expert contact centre consultants. We can work with you to improve short term issues or focus on long term goals, whether it’s improving your IVR prompts for call channelling or developing a three year plan to virtualise your call centre
– we’re here to help.                                                                                                                     
Carrier Services: Orderly Telecoms is a registered carrier and provides a full range of carrier services to help you handle your incoming calls effectively. With a wide range of access numbers and tariffs, including 03 and 08 numbers, you can choose how your callers get in touch and how much they pay when they do. Options include free phone, premium rate, local, or national rate numbers for maximum choice and control.