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Are your contact centre agents swamped during peak times, leading to long queues, abandoned calls and frustrated customers?

Lots of customers still want to make contact with companies over the phone, but it’s not always a great experience when they do, due to long waiting lines. You can try increasing the number of agents to match peak demand, but this is costly and unpredictable. And introducing traditional call back systems only make the problem worse, as agent workloads pile up with outbound calls, inbound queues get longer and customers get even more frustrated.

OrderlyQ Process
Traditional call centre process

Enter OrderlyQ!

OrderlyQ reduces wait times and increases agent answer rates, up to 99.9%! Every caller is given an individually estimated wait time, and they’re free to hang up and call back themselves when their slot is ready, rather than wait on hold. OrderlyQ will remember their number, so when they call back they go straight to the front of the queue. What’s more, even if they hang up and forget to call back until a few hours later, OrderlyQ still remembers their number and places them at the front of the queue to be served immediately. Just listen to the sound file above to understand how it works.

OrderlyQ works with your existing technology. It can be deployed within minutes at the network level without installing additional hardware. It requires no on-going management, and is self-configuring.

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