OrderlyStats SE - Installation

This page describes the installation process for OrderlyStats Server Edition

FREE INSTALLATION SUPPORT is available for OrderlyStats - so if you get stuck just give us a call or, write in .

NEW: We now have an easy-install All-In-One download pack, that you can download here. To install from the All-In-One pack, just issue the following commands once you've finished the download:

tar -xvzf orderlystatsse-all-in-one-64bit-17.0a.tar.gz
cd orderlystatsse

This will set up Java, OrderlyStats SE, Tomcat and the Hypersonic SQL database. You can easily change to MySQL or PostgreSQL once the installation is complete. This is the recommended way of installing OrderlyStats SE.

That's all you need to do if you're using the All-In-One pack.

If you have chosen to install from the Core Only distribution instead (not recommended for first-time installs), you will need to follow the instructions in the next few pages.