OrderlyStats is delivered in two ways, as a Managed Service (that runs on our own servers), or as a Server Edition (that you download and install on your own hardware).
OrderlyStats Server Edition
Free Version
OrderlyStats SE can be used completely free of charge for call centres with two or fewer agents.

Evaluating OrderlyStats SE
When you install OrderlyStats SE, the system will automatically install a two-week unlimited Evaluation Licence, which will allow you to use all product features regardless of the size of your call centre, for two weeks.

Purchasing OrderlyStats SE

To continue using OrderlyStats SE after your Evaluation Licence has expired, you will need to buy a licence. We have two licensing models for OrderlyStats SE.

  • Agent-based licensing is based on the maximum number of agents you have defined at your Call Centre (appearing on the Agents page in OrderlyStats SE).
  • Seats-based licensing is based on the maximum number of agents you have logged in at the same time (appearing on the Control Panel page in OrderlyStats SE).

Not sure which licensing model is right for you?
Most customers choose the Agent-based licensing, as this is easier to manage and avoids risk of unexpectedly exceeding your licence. Seats-based licensing is usually only used by call centres that have a large number of registered agents, only a few of whom work at the same time. An example would be a volunteer call centre for a charity.

How many Agents do I have?
You can find this out by counting the number of rows on the Agents page - add up the number from the Agents section and the Interfaces section.

You should buy a licence as big as the number of different agents working in your call centre. The following table shows the price for the various different licence sizes:

Up to 2 Free Not Available
Up to 10 £600 £1000
Up to 20 £1100 £1700
Up to 50 £1500 £2500
Up to 100 £2100 £3200
Unlimited £3500 £3500

All pricing is in Pounds Sterling (GBP), and is exclusive of VAT, which will be charged if you are a UK customer. If you are paying by PayPal from outside the UK, then any currency conversion will be handled for you automatically. There is a small transaction surcharge when paying by PayPal - but this does usually work out much cheaper than paying an international bank transfer fee. We can also accept payments to our UK bank account by bank transfer. If you are ready to buy, please contact us to arrange your payment. We'll need to know the size of licence you need, and also the master account email address to issue the licence to.

How long will my licence last?
All licences are for a Five-Year term. If you need your licence to last longer than this, please ask us for further assistance.

What if I'm running more than one Asterisk?The pricing table above is for one installation of OrderlyStats SE connecting to one installation of Asterisk. For multi-server, or multi-tenanted installations of OrderlyStats, please ask us for pricing.

What happens when my call centre grows and I need a larger licence?
We can upgrade your licence very easily. You just pay the difference between the old licence and the new one, pro-rated by the amount of time left on your old licence, so it's completely fair and there is no penalty for buying your initial licence now.

Example: Let's say you bought an Up-to-10 Agent licence a year ago, and you now need an Up-to-20 Agent licence. The amount you will need to pay is:

(Price of New Licence - Price of old Licence) * (5 - 1 year) / (5 years) = (1100 - 600) * (4 / 5) = £400

What about support?
You should be able to get up and running with the all-in-one installer in just a couple of minutes, but if you do encounter a problem we offer FREE INSTALLATION SUPPORT. After you have bought your licence, we would normally aim to respond to questions and bug reports for free. In-depth support and call centre consultancy is also available at £150 per hour.

Reselling OrderlyStats SE

We also have Reseller and Agent plans available, so if you supply Asterisk-based solutions or services, please ask us for further details.

OrderlyStats Managed Service
If you don't want to download OrderlyStats and run it on your own hardware, we can run it for you on ours, with our easy-to-use Managed Service.

Free Version
We have a free version of the system, OrderlyStats Basic, which is free to run for any size of call centre, but has very limited features - see Compare Features for further details.

Evaluating OrderlyStats Pro
When you sign up for OrderlyStats Managed Service, you will automatically get a 14 day free subscription to the full-featured version, OrderlyStats Pro.

Getting OrderlyStats Pro Credit
If you want to continue using OrderlyStats Pro after this period, then it's a pay-as-you-go model, and you will need to buy credit.

OrderlyStats Pro is priced per minute of call time logged.

  • The price for OrderlyStats Pro is £0.004 per minute.
  • There is a 1 minute minimum charge per call logged.

How do I get credit?
To use OrderlyStats Pro you must maintain a credit balance. You can get credit by sending funds to our PayPal account,

What happens when I make a payment?
When we receive a payment, we deduct any PayPal transaction fees (and sales tax if you have offices in the UK) before applying the credit to your account.

What about transaction fees?
There is a £25.00 processing fee for any payments less than £150.00, which you can avoid by sending us more than this.

What is the minimum charge?
There is no monthly minimum charge, so a single payment may last you several months.

How do I know how much credit I have left?
Credit is recalculated daily. You will be sent a statement of your current credit with every Daily Update email.

If you run out of credit, your account will automatically downgrade to OrderlyStats Basic until a positive credit balance is restored.